How is VOP3 different from a cult?

Category: Organisation

a) there is no new “set of rules” – neither oral nor written – that a member has to follow and live by.

b) we have no hierarchies in the practice of our religion. There are no priests, no rituals.
There is only the organisation of our community, with regard to the authorities, so that we could obtain recognition and registration in Malta (as of 2021).
This consists of a president, a treasurer and a secretary – as is known from association structures.

c) Everyone can – if he already belongs to a religion – continue to practise it.

d) We respect other people and demand the same respect. We help everyone who approaches us, regardless of whether they are a member or not.

e) we have no membership fee – self-determination and freedom cannot have a price tag.

f) we do not work behind closed doors – we are open to anyone who appreciates our values.

g) anyone can leave at any time.

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