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Category: Organisation

a) there is no new “set of rules” – neither oral nor written – that a member has to follow and live by.

b) we have no hierarchies in the practice of our religion. There are no priests, no rituals.
There is only the organisation of our community, with regard to the authorities, so that we could obtain recognition and registration in Malta (as of 2021).
This consists of a president, a treasurer and a secretary – as is known from association structures.

c) Everyone can – if he already belongs to a religion – continue to practise it.

d) We respect other people and demand the same respect. We help everyone who approaches us, regardless of whether they are a member or not.

e) we have no membership fee – self-determination and freedom cannot have a price tag.

f) we do not work behind closed doors – we are open to anyone who appreciates our values.

g) anyone can leave at any time.

Category: Organisation

We want to pursue a positive path of self-determination.

Every individual should make a decision about which outside influences they want to follow.

Our statutes are available for download.


Category: Members

Membership is free of charge.

Category: Members

Every person has to have access to a place to meet with other members, exchange ideas, and effectively support the association in its work.

If there is no publicly accessible facility in the member’s country, the member may apply to the Executive Committee for the member’s home to be recognized as a meeting place until a public meeting place has been created in the member’s district. 

As well, mobile vehicles (on land/water/air) – as long they are recognized by the council – are included. International coverage is aimed at.

Category: Members

Everyone is welcome to become a member – whether they already belong to another religion or faith community. Regardless of age, nationality or gender.

What can VOP3 do for you?

Through the worldwide union of people who actively live the principles of the 6 Commandments (from 4 to 10), our community can grow into a bulwark that must be respected by governments, companies and also fellow human beings.

Sustainability in harmony with nature, respect and tolerance for each other in free self-determination will be a new and arduous path for many people. We support every member, no matter where they live in the world.

That depends on each individual. The beginning was an idea – today there are already over 60 members from 11 countries.

One person can’t do it. Our members saw the potential and are spreading our values.

Yes – there is a very good chance that we will succeed and be recognized as a religion.

When we reach a membership of about 30,000 members, we will apply for the status of a religion.

Religions are under special protection worldwide. We will then claim this protection for all members.

New world beliefs, religions, must be created in the present in order to establish a well-grounded basis of co-existence for the future.

What can you do for VOP3?

You can:

1. become a member yourself. Familiarize yourself with our procedures and the help we offer.

2. apply our formula – from 1 make 2 – and inspire 2 more like-minded people for us. In this way, the first partial goal (reaching 30,000 members) can also be achieved in the short term.

3. make others aware of our work.

4. contribute your knowledge, skills or contacts.

5. do you have another idea? Get in touch with us.