Is a new religion necessary? Absolutely!

About VOP3

In our opinion – it is time for a change. The existing religions stuck in a crust. They are not allowing to mix with others. But since they came up, the world changed a lot around them.
The nations are not the same any more, the people mixed all over the globe. Why a religion is not open to unite too?
We are welcoming to everyone. You want to keep your belief? No problem for us. You are welcome to join us. You are an atheist, but our values makes sense to you? You are welcome as well.

We don’t tell you what to do. We have nothing for you to look up to – look in the mirror, there you will find the only person you have to be responsible to.

Our History

We came together in 2021. We quickly realised that we wanted to create something that would give us hope, protection and confidence in the future. So we founded Voice of Planet 3 in Malta.

Our Vision

Acceptance as a new religion is the goal of our efforts. Our planet, as well as the people, are no longer the same as they were over 2000 years ago. We should continue to evolve. Also in our respect and appreciation for each other.

It's time to join together - it's time for a change.

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